The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York becomes a celebrity destination on the night of the Met Gala, when it's famed front steps are adorned with a massive red carpet. Courtesy photo

The Met Gala: Celebrity Fashion’s Must-See Event


The Met Gala is an exclusive fashion event that allows designers to showcase their work through models and various celebrities. This year, 2021, the theme was American Independence.

That made this year’s Met Gala a little different. The theme gave BLM activists a platform to protest outside the famous event. Model Cara Delevinge took it upon herself to participate in advocating for true equality in the U.S.

Cara displayed her outfit, “Peg the Patriarchy” which was kind of iconic. Sticking with the theme, U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wanted her outfit to make a similar statement. AOC wore a dress that read, “Tax the Rich” written in red. Both were meant to make bold statements.

As mentioned, the Met Gala is an exclusive event. Or at least, it was intended to be. With the inclusion of “celebrities” such as Addison Rae, the exclusivity of the event started going downhill. From the response on Twitter, it was obvious her appearance at the event upset many people. Some may argue that her being invited was beneficial because she can bring a new audience to the Gala.

However, most people I know planned to watch the event anyway, or at least bits of it. Then came another social media influencer, Emma Chamberlain. Chamberlain, 20, is the “it” girl right now. She is the young woman all young people (kids to early 20s) who seems to embody the next fashion trend.

Although not many outfits stood out, some celebrities did not disappoint. Olivia Rodrigo was one of the youngest attendees to attend the Met Gala. At only 18, and after having debuted her first album, which had multiple number one hits, Rodrigo wore a chic and slightly risqué Yves St. Laurent jumpsuit.

Frank Ocean undoubtedly walked with the best accessory at the gala. Once again, representing Prada, as well as his own brand, Homer, Ocean carried a fake green baby.

Since 2013, Kim Kardashian has been attending the Met Gala. Her first appearance was actually as Kanye West’s plus one. Now, with the gala full of Kardashians and Jenners, Kim pulled off an all-black, sleek look that covered every inch of her, including masking her face. Shepherd freshman Celine Beaz said of Kardashian, “Everyone recognizes her without even seeing her face”.

Timothee Chalamet, Hollywood’s new heartthrob, appeared dancing to the drumline at the event and it certainly was a highlight. Timothee never disappoints when it comes to his style. He wore a satin tuxedo, white sweats, and the classic Converse shoes.

Daughter of actor Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Depp appeared in a stunning Chanel outfit that consisted of sparkles and flowers, paired with sheer black heels. The color palette combination came together beautifully. Pink is definitely her color.

Billie Eilish’s Marilyn Monroe inspired outfit was talked about nonstop, as well. Her photos were all over social media. Overall, the Gala will always remain a must-see event.

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