The Martinsburg Campus Location: A Good Idea

The north end side of Martinsburg has been selected as Shepherd University’s extended campus, and courses could be offered as early as this summer.

Shepherd’s second campus is expected to have a full variety of classes available by the fall 2013 semester.

The Berkeley Commons Building, located in Aiken’s Center, has been chosen to be the site of Shepherd’s Martinsburg campus. It is in a reasonable location, a short distance from the interstate, exit sixteen. The pan tram in Martinsburg also has a route along that area, so those living deeper inside the city with transportation issues will have access to the campus as well.

According to Shepherd’s Web site, James Klein has been selected as the director of the center. He brings several years of previous directing experience at Kaplan University with him. Klein is from Greencastle, Pa.

The Martinsburg Center is set to be primarily aimed at working adult students. Degrees such as the Regents and M.B.A will be offered. These types of degrees are essential to the campus because it does not take away the appeal that Shepherd University has for younger students.

For a young student, exposure to the college life is an asset. Being on and around a large campus presents opportunities that can shape a younger student’s entire college experience and life decisions. For older individuals, the Martinsburg campus is a different type of great option. It will allow the working individual to save on time, which is essential when those in the older age bracket are already juggling families and full-time jobs.

Another positive the new campus brings is the possibility of economic growth to the Martinsburg area. Individuals will have access to a four year, solid education without having to travel outside of their means.

According to Shepherd’s Web site, while many of the details are still in the works, the Martinsburg Center will also take a look at focusing on having an affordable price. Though this is great for the working individual, it does raise some concerns.

If tuition fees at the Martinsburg campus are going to be cheaper than fees at the main university, it could potentially pose a problem. Students going for the same type of degrees might hold off on a higher education until those individuals qualify to attend the Martinsburg campus, or, worse, attend a different school altogether.

Yet the new campus is still a blessing. As opposed to a few of the other colleges offered in Martinsburg, an extension of Shepherd is much needed for the area. All in all, the new campus is an asset to Shepherd and the surrounding region.

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