The iPhone 6: A Student Review

Apple has been talking up the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus for months now, boasting the bigger screen, thinner size, and improved video along with several other internal upgrades.

The phone is “Bigger than Bigger,” which isn’t just referring to the size, but is meant to describe the whole system revamp.

Information on all the new features can be found on Apple’s website. To sum it up, the iPhone 6 measures in at 4.7 inches while the 6 plus comes in at 5.5 inches long, and the two are 6.9mm and 7.1mm thick. This is the first time Apple has come out with two different iPhone sizes at once, which was most likely because of the growing popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Along with the upgrade in size, the camera and video settings have also improved. In terms of security, not only can the phone be unlocked with a fingerprint, but the purchases can also be confirmed with a simple touch. Along with paying on the app store, the iPhone 6 can also be used to pay for items in store.

The iPhone runs on the new iOS 8, a huge remodeling that was made to make displays bigger. Apple also improved on the LTE download speed and has more LTE bands than any other phone.

The screen resolution has also been improved while the internal software was made to hold more information and work faster.

There is some irony in the size of the phone because Steve Jobs was quoted years ago saying “No one is going to buy a big phone,” when Samsung came out with their larger models. Because of this irony, Apple is catching lots of criticism from competitors.

Not everything about the new iPhone is an improvement on the previous models, though. One of the biggest problems being the new aluminum back, iPhone 6 users are running into two major problems with it bending and pulling out their hair.

iPhone users are having issues with the phone bending in their pockets especially while sitting down. The problem often occurs when people wear tighter pants are sitting for long periods of time. The issue has taken to Twitter and is starting to be referred to under the hashtag #Bendgate.

The issue with bending actually occurred while testing the aluminum back on the iPhone 5S, making it more disappointing to the iPhone faithful that Apple didn’t find a way to fix it before the iPhone 6 came out.

The second major issue is been given the nickname #Hairgate. While users are talking on their phone, long hair and facial hair gets stuck in between the aluminum backside and the screen. Obviously this is painful and pulls the hair out, being another flaw in the phone’s new back.

The issues are being worked on furiously by Apple, but even with all the improvements made on the previous models the iPhone 6 does have pitfalls of its own.

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