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The Hauntings of Shepherd

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va.,  –  Shepherdstown is the oldest town in West Virginia and is 30 years older than the country. The town is filled with history and is historically remembered for James Rumsey’s invention of the steamboat in 1787.

Photo courtesy of the Shepherdstown Mystery Walks Ghost Tours.

In August of 2014 the Mystery Walks Tour in Shepherdstown Dana Mitchell created the tour but has since been handed off to Janet Hughes in 2017.  

WV Tourism says Shepherd University is the second most recommended haunted
place to visit in Shepherdstown. 3 miles northeast of Shepherdstown is Antietam
Battlefield, where the bloodiest single day’s battle of the Civil War was fought.

McMurran Hall. Photo courtesy of Iyee Jagne.

According to the website “Why some folks call this “the Most Haunted Town in America,” if you’re strolling the grounds late at night, look up at the clock tower and you might see a shadowy figure peering out from behind the shutters.

Over the years several students have reported strange noises and sightings on campus. I spoke with a student about about how they feel visiting McMurran Hall at night.

Shepherd University resident Tongwa Aka said, “I would want to go check it out and see if it’s true”. He then went on to say, “I would go there at night and bring some food while I wait to see what happens.”

When asked if he would be scared he said “no.” While on the tour you will hear more stories similar to the McMurran Hall ghost story.

Throughout the tour, you will also learn about the history of life along the Potomac River, early settlers, the French/Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the building of the C&O Canal, and hear numerous ghost stories.

Upon arrival you will find the tour guide with a candlelit lantern. And while you may not have a lantern you should bring your own source of light because the tours occur in the evenings.

They Mystery Walks tour is open year-round and is dog friendly. Fall tours take place Thursday through Saturday by reservation here. For all other days of the week, you can call (301)-639-0351 for more information.

The cost per adult is $15, $10 for children 8-12 years old, and children 7 and younger are free. The tour is 90 minutes long and you walk just under 1 mile through town. It is recommended you wear comfortable walking shoes. While on the tour you will also get to meet Cecil, the tour’s mascot.


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