Jocelyn Robinson.
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Student Spotlight: Jocelyn Robinson Captures the Moment

Documenting history through candid photography is what freshman psychology major Jocelyn Robinson practices in her spare time. She continues to pursue her dream of becoming a behavioral analyst while enjoying photography.

Robinson, new to the college life, finds that she loves Shepherd.

Robinson said, “Well, the location is probably the number one thing because I wanted to live at home. But another variable was its liberal, hippie atmospheres.”

She believes that photographs are a personal record of our life and that it is important to have these memories in the future. Robinson will scan old pictures from her family that can date back to the ’40s so that her family does not lose them.

“I’ve always found taking photographs fascinating,” said Robinson. “There’s something about freezing time and capturing a moment that intrigues me.”

Her favorite types of photography are portraits and people.

“Everyone has a story,” she said.

She is known to capture family events, vacations, or just rainy days. Some of her favorite places include historic downtown Charles Town, the collegiate Shepherdstown, and Poor House Farm.

Robinson said, “You can always find something to take photographs of.”

Working as a freelance photographer can be challenging because it is not a reliable, steady income. Networking and advertising are key elements that can cost money.

Robinson said, “Networking can be hard when you’re a broke college kid. There isn’t a lot of money to advertise with.”

She credits some of the clients she has now to social media and believes it has helped tremendously.

In addition to her studies, Robinson also works with The Spirit of Jefferson newspaper in Charles Town taking pictures of local events that they cover.

She said, “Working with The Spirit of Jefferson helps to get my name out there with photography. I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

In the future, Robinson would love to continue capturing moments through photography. She is also excited to graduate and further her education after Shepherd. She wants to follow her dream of becoming a behavioral analyst.

“No matter what you do in life,” said Robinson, “no matter what hobby or career, make sure you do it well. Otherwise, it’s useless. In short, don’t waste time on things that don’t make you happy.”

Her photography can be viewed at

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