"Squid Game" has quickly become a Netflix megahit. Courtesy photo

Squid Game Becomes the Netflix Sensation

“Squid Game,” the megahit may be helping Netflix pick up its subscriptions. Netflix has always been a very popular streaming service, but in the last 12 months it has slowed down. There have been several shows that blew up on Netflix, for example, “Outer Banks” and “Tiger King.” These shows got very popular during quarantine when Covid-19 first hit the United States. Now “Squid Game” is the new Netflix phenomenon. “Squid Game” is now the number1 rated show in the U.S.

What is “Squid Game” about? When I first saw the show, it made me skeptical. I asked around to friends and several of them recommended that I should watch it. Tori Lassahn said, “’Squid Game’ is a very good show and I highly recommend watching it.” It is a Korean show with contestants who are in debt. They play a children’s game to make money. If they lose the game then they die. The contestant who wins, however, wins a lot of money.

The show was released on Sept. 17. After it was released a lot of people talked about it and it became a chain effect. Word of mouth spread, and the show became more popular. “Squid Game” also blew up on TikTok and most millennials spend lots of time on TikTok. Netflix has been quoted as saying “’Squid Game’ is our most popular show ever.” With all the shows on Netflix and all the recent shows that have been released that statement tells a lot about the show.

Still, “Squid game” is a very violent and graphic show. Many parents are not letting their children watch it. Schools are also sending out warnings to parents about the show because of it being so graphic and violent, not kid friendly.

In the show, the contestants play games and one of the games is cutting out the outline of a honeycomb. This has become a very big challenge on the app TikTok. This could harm children if they see this challenge because you have to burn sugar in order to make the honeycomb. Having the contestants in the show play children’s games can have an effect on children who will attempt to play these games and punish the losers just like the show. 

Netflix said that 142 million households worldwide watched the show “Squid Game.” “Squid Game” is estimated to be worth over $900 million. It was also on Netflix’s top 10 list in approximately 94 different countries. All these statistics had Netflix breaking records. 

Overall, “Squid Game” is a very popular Netflix show that broke several records. There will be a lot of talk about Season 2 for this show because of the number of fans the show has generated.


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