The football field which lacrosse uses in the spring for competitions. Photo via

Spring Sports will Compete, Fall Sports Have Chance of Scrimmage

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va., – When the winter season for the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) was cancelled, the news left fans and athletes asking, “what now?”

The small chance that fall and winter athletes may have had to compete in the spring have diminished. Once athletes return

to campus in late Jan. they will be able to start training, most likely in phases like the fall according to Kyle Dagget on the men’s basketball team.

The soccer field will be used for training and maybe a scrimmage this upcoming spring. Photo via

Chauncey Winbush, Vice President for athletics at Shepherd University said that the PSAC will not provide official scheduling or host  a conference championship for fall or winter sports in the spring of 2021.

“At this point the PSAC is planning to support spring sports competitions next semester,” said Winbush.

Institutions will have the option to allow sports that normally fall within the fall and winter seasons to participate in competitions or scrimmages, but they will need to coordinate directly with the opposing schools.

Shepherd athletics will explore the idea of providing opportunities for competition in the spring semester but will keep them to a minimum.

In efforts to get athletes back into a routine when they return for the spring semester the Shepherd athletic department will work with other Universities to schedule a few competitions.

The Butcher Center, home to women’s and men’s basketball along with volleyball. photo via

Women’s golfer, Serafina Maerten said that as of right now golf will have a few competitions this spring and she is looking forward to spending time with her team during competition.

“We believe there will be enough interest to coordinate opportunities for our student-athletes to participate in a few games depending on their sport,” said Winbush.

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