Single on Valentine’s Day: Survival Guide

Don’t be sad, don’t feel like you’re the only one because we’ve all been there. For some people, being alone on Valentine’s Day is like being the sole survivor of a boyfriend/girlfriend-pocalypse where all of their friends are the victims of infectious relationship zombies.

Others are not so dramatic. No matter how much denial you’re in, you can’t deny that it can be a bit of a bummer. If you are one of the lonely hearts on this day for all the couples, or if you just don’t care but are reading this article to scoff at the idea of people who need help figuring out what to do on Valentine’s Day, I’ve got some tips and ideas for you. Here are some testimonies from some of the single people around campus.

One thing you can do is have a day centered around you. Face it: all you’re going to see on Valentine’s Day are happy couples. Just relax, listen to your favorite music, eat some of that favorite food, watch some Netflix or Hulu and just forget about all of your insecurities. Remind yourself of all of the great things you’ve accomplished so far.

If you are like economics major Austin Moore, you probably like to hang out with some friends and surround yourself with the people you do have. “I like to party with my friends on Valentine’s Day,” said Moore. “Plus, you never know if you might run into someone who feels like you and thinks it could work out after all.” Another option is to ask a friend on a platonic date. Go see a movie, go have some dinner or have some fun!

If none of these ideas appeal to you, I went in the field to interview actual single Shepherd University students to find out their plans and advice. I got a couple humorous answers, so at the very least you’ll get a laugh out of this.

Sophomore Carlos Amaya said that he didn’t have any plans yet, but his words of advice were, “If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, the best thing to do is just not give a damn, son. I’ve been single every Valentine’s Day except for once… or maybe twice.”

Recreation and sports major Emily Kraus told me her plans were the same as her advice: “I’m just going to order some pizza, watch Netflix and hang out with my roommate. Is that lame?” I assured her that it wasn’t.

History major Jackson Muse told me he didn’t have any real advice, but he thought that it was important for everyone to know that he would be spending Valentine’s Day “crying with a box of tissues and getting some much needed alone time.” Sometimes it helps to cry it out.

Sophomore Emily Hayes is a self-proclaimed “Single-on-Valentine’s-Day veteran” and proudly provided me with some really great advice. “The Christ Reformed Church in Shepherdstown is actually holding a spaghetti dinner at 5 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, and if you are single and want some great food, you should go!”

Hayes also had advice for those of us who are recently single: “You can have a Valentine’s New Year and burn pictures of your exes and make some love life resolutions!” Thanks, Emily!

Well, there you have it folks, straight from our fellow students! What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Let us know in the comments for this article on or @supicket on Twitter. Or comment on the Picket Facebook page.

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