Shepherdstown Pizza Throwdown: Tommy’s VS Tony’s

If you’re like most people, you love a delicious slice of pizza. But where can you get the best pizza in town? Shepherdstown has several pizza restaurants, but two of them are locally owned and operated. Who will win in this pizza throwdown: Tony’s or Tommy’s?


Tony’s Pizza is located in the middle of German Street amongst shops and other restaurants; this is a very convenient location for Shepherd residents. Stonewall’s Pub is also located in the basement of Tony’s, another bonus for students over 21. The restaurant has a very sports-bar-like vibe with a television showing a game in the corner and the pool table in the back room. Tony’s is quite suited for a group of students hanging out late at night.

Tommy’s, on the other hand, is located farther back, near the end of German Street. The restaurant does have its own parking lot for customers. Everything is much simpler and more straightforward than Tony’s, but there are a few diner tables and booths. Tommy’s is probably better suited for a family dinner.

Winner: Tony’s


Tony’s menu is available online if you want to look at it before you go. They offer a large selection of toppings for pizza as well as calzones, salads, sandwiches, subs and more if you’re in the mood for something else. Of course, Tony’s also has a great alcohol menu. You can get a slice of cheese pizza for $2 and a large cheese pizza costs $10.70.

Tommy’s also has a large selection of toppings; they have some other options like burgers, subs and beers, but not as much as Tony’s. Tommy’s doesn’t sell by the slice, but you can get a large cheese pizza for $11.45, not much more than Tony’s. However, if you do go to Tommy’s, make sure to bring cash because the restaurant does not take debit or credit cards.

Winner: Tony’s


On to the big factor: taste. Tony’s pizza has a nice flavor to it. The crust is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside without being chewy. The cheese is good, but the sauce is a little on the sweet side. Overall, Tony’s pizza is not bad, but it isn’t noteworthy.

Tommy’s pizza is very greasy in a good way. The crust is fluffy and crunchy, the sauce is tangy, and the cheese is phenomenal. Tommy’s pizza is extremely flavorful; it leaves your fingers oily and your taste buds satisfied.

Winner: Tommy’s

Overall Winner: Tony’s Pizza

Tommy’s and Tony’s each offer a very different type of pizza experience. Tony’s is much more suited for college students; the atmosphere is fun, friendly, and party-like. If you want to go into Shepherdstown and have a good time, eat at Tony’s. If you’re only looking to get take-out pizza, Tommy’s is a better choice. The restaurant itself is simple, but the pizza is great.

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