Shepherdstown Coffee House Throwdown

Where there are college students, there are bound to be plenty of places to cater to their coffee needs. Here in Shepherdstown, we are lucky enough to have two independent coffee shops that are committed to providing quality beverages and service. In our first Picket Throw Down, let’s see how Lost Dog Coffee and Hynocoffee match up.


Just by walking into each of the shops, it is clear that Lost Dog has the greater amount of options. The specials menu sprawls onto several chalkboards, and there is a wall of various teas and syrup flavors, so you are bound to find something to satisfy your craving.

The menu at Hypnocoffee is much more minimalist and sticks to the basic coffee-centric drinks. While there are a few tea options offered, the selection is not quite as impressive.

Winner: Lost Dog Coffee



The specialty drinks offered at Lost Dog are incredible. There is so much effort put into each drink that is served and that effort is definitely clear when taking that first sip. My personal favorite is the vanilla chai latte – it’s out of this world.

The coffee served at Hynocoffee is always freshly brewed and delicious. They roast their own coffee beans and brew each cup by hand. The flavoring syrups are also made in the shop and make the coffee taste even better. Their passion for coffee is impressive and is evident in the excellent quality of their drinks.

Junior psychology major Melissa Reid is a fan of what Hypnocoffee has to offer to its customers. Reid said, “Hypnocoffee is the smoothest coffee I’ve had in and outside of Shepherdstown. I love that they only use all natural, fresh ingredients and you can taste the difference in every cup.”

Winner: Hypnocoffee



One of the first things you see when entering Lost Dog is a mounted deer head with various objects hanging from its antlers. That is just the beginning of the very unique atmosphere. Everywhere you look there are eclectic signs and decorations covering the walls and good music is always pumping through the speakers. Artwork is featured along the walls of the sitting area, providing an excellent spotlight for the works of students and local artists.

Lost Dog also has plenty of seating which makes this a great place to relax between classes or work on homework while sipping a delicious drink. Once the weather warms up, there is also some outdoor seating. This factor, along with the cozy and inviting atmosphere of Lost Dog, makes it a Shepherdstown staple.

Hypnocoffee welcomes customers with good music and great customer service. Much like their menu, the décor is quite streamlined. While waiting for your specialty coffee to be brewed, you can appreciate the featured artwork hanging around the shop.

Unfortunately, Hypnocoffee has less space to work with and there are fewer seating options for customers. There are a few stools to sit on while waiting, but that’s about it. This lack of seating prevents Hypnocoffee from being a place where customers can spend their time and relax.

Winner: Lost Dog Coffee


Overall Winner: Lost Dog Coffee

Lost Dog has come out on top in this throw down. The huge selections of coffee and teas as well as the lounge-like atmosphere have led to its popularity among students and locals. However, both coffeehouses are so great in different ways, and there is plenty of room for both in Shepherdstown.

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