Shepherd Volleyball Falls Short to Shippensburg

Shepherdstown W.Va.,- The Shepherd University Women’s volleyball team (25-4, 13-4 PSAC) fell short to Shippensburg University (24-4, 16-1 PSAC) Tuesday night on their home court in the Butcher Center.

“I’ve never seen a team that fights this hard, even in a really tough position,” said Assistant Coach Faisal Hallaj.

“We had a bunch of freshman playing because we had a lot of injuries. The freshman came in and stepped up, it was a great team effort,” Hallaj said.

Photo courtesy of Madeline McClellan

Shippensburg, ranked third in the region gained the first point of the first match. Shepherd ranked sixth in the region, and wasted no time in tying the game 3-3.

The teams rallied back and forth keeping a close score until Jessica Karcz of Shepherd spiked the ball earning a point and breaking away from the one-point difference to make the game 18-14.

Shepherd freshman Kiara Rakestraw then scored an ace off of a serve boosting the team 20-15. The rams went on to win the set 25-20.

Shippensburg began the second match with energy and scoring the first point. Peyton Lindblad then came back and spiked the ball making the game 1-1, but as the match progressed Shepherd fell short.

After a timeout called by Shepherd, the score was 4-14 with Shippensburg in the lead. Freshman Kiara Rakestraw, an outside hitter spiked the ball to boost Shepherd 7-21 with Shippensburg still in the lead.

Shippensburg was winning the match 12-22 when they called a timeout to finish and win the match 13-25.

Photo courtesy of Madeline McClellan

“They scouted us really well, and knew our weak spots,” said Lindblad.

Shepherd began the third match with energy and the first point. Nicole Murray spiked the ball to make the game 3-2.

It didn’t take long for Shippensburg to take the lead making the match 5-6. Shippensburg continued to take strides to then make the game 5-10 before Shepherd called a timeout.

Shepherd fought back but was unsuccessful, losing the match 25-16.

Lindblad said that it was a tough game and that Shippensburg knew their weak spots.

Hallaj said, “The freshman came in and stepped up in this game and the fourth match proves it.”

The match began with a serve from Lindblad, only for Shippensburg to gain a point.

Determined to win the match the rams fought back and kept their heads in the game with blocks from freshman Kitanna Rakestraw and Elyssia Smith.

Shippensburg would not put up with Shepherd and pulled out their third and final win of the after a rally making the score 25-23.

The rams will play their next game on the road against West Chester University on Friday November 15.

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