Shepherdstown Lifts Boil Water Notice

Shepherdstown, including the university, has been added to the ranks of West Virginia communities that have experienced water problems this winter.

The boil water notice that was issued Wednesday due to a water main break was lifted early this morning, according to a Rave Alert.

Elizabeth Sechler, the director of residence life said in an email response that the boil water notice affected approximately 600 students. In addition, more than 600 households of

Shepherdstown were also affected by the water main break.

For students who didn’t have the means to boil water, Sechler said, “we brought in water to each of the common area bathrooms and then one per suite in the Miller Hall suites with the primary purpose of providing water for residents to wash their teeth.”

According to Bill Myers, Shepherdstown Water Department spokesman, the purpose for the notice was to ensure bacteria was not in the water after the main break.

“It’s just a precautionary measure,” said Frank Welch, public works director.

On Thursday, Alex Hale, an R.A for Turner Hall confirmed that water was placed on each floor for student access. Although, Hale said the boil advisory hadn’t been too bad.

“Most students never really were a big fan of the water in Shepherdstown,” he said.

While students were not able to drink the water, it was still available for residents to use it for showering.

So far, the cause for the leak is still unknown. Although, Welch believes it might be because the pipes are old and were installed in the 1930s and also due to the unusually cold weather.

“It’s got to be the pipes: We are seeing this happen all over the state. Not just here,” Welch said.

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