Shepherd University's Wellness Center Pool. Photo courtesy of: Shepherd University Wellness Center

Shepherd University gains new club sports

Shepherdstown, W.Va., – Chauncey Winbush, the Vice President for Athletics at Shepherd University, announced three new club sports to become available to students to participate in starting this semester. The club sports coming to Shepherd are swimming, cross-country and acrobatics and tumbling.

Chauncey Winbush. Photo courtesy of: Shepherd University

Winbush said, “We chose cross-country and swimming because this area has a really big running and swimming population. We thought we would get a big interest. As for acrobatics and tumbling, it’s an emerging sport and from a title nine stand-point we thought it would get a big interest.”

“We want to make sure we’re offering sports from that [title nine] aspect. We want to make sure we’re giving everybody, male or female, a chance to compete at a higher level and be as inclusive as possible,” Winbush added.

There are currently over 30 students interested in participating in swimming, about 16 interested in acrobatics and tumbling and about 40 interested in cross-country.

“We got really strong feedback, which really makes me feel we could get these started as a club sport and move toward a varsity sport in the future,” Winbush said.

Winbush hopes to have the club sports started within the coming weeks. 

To get involved in the club sports, contact Chauncey Winbush directly at

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