Dr. Marcia Brand has been appointed chair of a new search committee to find candidates for an interim president of Shepherd University before current President Suzanne Shipley leaves office.

Shepherd University Board of Governors approve new fees for students, appoints Dr. Marcia Brand chair of board to search for interim president

The Shepherd University Board of Governors approved increasing tuition fees for graduates by 4 percent, a $10 increase to the online course fee, $15 increase to the graduation fee and proposed a $100 late application fee, during a meeting on March 12, according to an email sent to faculty by Dr. Jason Best, the faculty representative.

Following the Board meeting, a special meeting was held, in which vice chair of the Board of Governors.

The increase in graduate tuition fees applies to both in state and out-of-state students.

The online course fee, originally $25 will be increased to $35. This follows suggestions from a March 3 Student Government Association meeting in which it was suggested that the Board of Governors were in talks to increase and possibly double the fee.

“A comparison of this fee with other HEPC peers shows that Shepherd University’s fee is significantly lower than other institutions,” said Dr. Best in his email.

“The state average charge that comes with an online course is $45 dollars,” said SGA president Logan Sigley in a March 3 meeting.

The graduation fee has been increased from $35 to $50. Best’s email notes that the state average for the fee is $60.

“This fee goes toward the commencement ceremony, renting costs for tables and sound equipment,” Sigley said.

The $100 late application fee was temporarily struck down by the board but will be considered again in the next fiscal year.

Below is a summary of the increases in fees, compiled from the email sent by Dr. Best.

Undergraduate In-State Tuition increase per semester: $130 (3.96 percent)

Undergraduate Out-Of-State Tuition increase per semester: $0 (0.00 percent)

Graduate In-State Tuition increase per credit hour: $16 (4.01 percent)

Graduate Out-Of-State Tuition increase per credit hour: $23 (4.04 percent)

Online Course Fee increase: $10

Graduation Fee increase: $15

Housing increase (average): 2.19%

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