Andrea Monsma wearing a blank tank-top, jean-jacket and pink skirt

Shepherd Students Share Summer 2019 Fashion Sense

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. —When it comes to fashion, Shepherd University student Alyssa Pritt says she is a bargain shopper, but not one to make “bold” statements.
“Keep it simple, keep it casual,” Pritt said of her approach to style this summer.
Pritt was among a group of students and faculty who agreed to share a little of their own personal taste for an art form with The Picket that is as diverse as the cultures of the world.
Pritt’s style this Summer included dark roll-up jeans and light-colored T-shirts for everyday wear. When asked about her shopping habits, Pritt said she is constantly looking for bargains and she often can be found in the clearance section of any clothing store.
Andrea Monsma, s double major in English and Communications, said she donned various shades of pink this summer. Her wardrobe consisted of ‘booty shorts’ and crop-tops followed by the occasional short skirt and tank top.
“When you put effort into dressing, you feel more confident,” Monsma said.
Monsma said she looks for vintage wear, particularly in a Goodwill store, not only for the older fashion but for a cheaper price.
Lena Nunez, an English major, openly admits that she dresses like “a 40-year-old man.”
Nunez said she is fond of wearing Hawaiian print, button-up shirts accompanied by tan cargo-shorts. For Summer, she aims
for floral print and sandals, but also adds that her style doesn’t change much for the winter season, except for an added coat.
English professor Carrie Messenger said she enjoys T-shirts with creative prints on the front at home and goes for a ‘film noir librarian’ at work.
“That would be my dream job,” Messenger said of the latter.
Her style involves dark colors, button-down blouses and long skirts that flow a bit at the ankle.
Messenger said her style not only changes from home to work, but from classroom to classroom because each one seems to have a different temperature. She mentioned plans to place a different article of clothing in each room to aid her fashion and ever-changing conditions.
KB Saine, associate professor of theatre at the University, says her style is completely dependent on comfort, explaining how her clothing often feel like pajamas.
Saine said her wardrobe is ‘super practical with a little something fabulous for each piece.’
She enjoys big jewelry often home-made and short dresses. Saine, on the topic of fashion, discussed how her colleges in the Contemporary Arts building are always using clothing as a means to express themselves.
“They always look superfly and have some great pieces,” Saine said.

Alyssa Pritt wears business causal capris, with a dark green T-shirt and light-green
Andrea Monsma wearing a blank tank-top, jean-jacket and pink skirt
Photo courtesy of Lena Nunez. A sample of Nunez’s summer style for 2019
Professor Carrie Messenger wearing a light blue, button-up Oxford with a dark blue, ankle length skirt
Photo courtesy of Carrie Messenger. Messenger’s creative print T-shirts
Professor KB Saine, wearing a black, vintage linen vest, green linen dress and a home-made star necklace



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