Via @JVNEAV Instagram
Via @JVNEAV Instagram

Shepherd Student to Release Cover Album

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va., – Shepherd University Junior, Juneau Daggs escaped the heat of summer 2019 by going to the music studio to produce his first album.

Set to be released Oct. 18., the 20-year-old musician’s work features nine covers from various pop musicians including Katy Perry, Lorde and Alec Benjamin.

Via Daggs
Daggs (left) with singer Camila Cabello via Daggs

Daggs’ cover album was forged from a difficult ending to a serious relationship. The rough personal chapter led to the production of an album packed with songs that he says helped him grow as an artist

“It helped me realize all of the emotions I had with the experience I went through and the direction I hope to go to as an artist,” Daggs said.

Daggs arranged the music by himself, singing and playing all of the instruments except the drums on the album.

“I never really figured out how to do that,” Daggs said. He started the project in June and finished before classes started in late August.

Via @JVNEAV Instagram
Via @JVNEAV Instagram

Though the album name has yet to be revealed, hints are hidden in posts on Daggs’ Instagram @JVNEAV.

The first track of the is a cover of “Palace” by Halsey. “It goes through these progressions and adds different elements throughout each of the songs,” Daggs Said.

The last song on the album is a cover of “Never Really Over,” by Katy Perry, which ties together the melancholy emotions that even though a relationship is over, there is no reason to not be happy.

One of the songs features two of his friends who have helped him throughout his musical journey.

“It just felt right to have them on a song,” Daggs said.

Other artists who are collaborating with the album include Tory Walls, the graphic designer of Program Board, an organization aimed at getting students involved throughout Shepherd University.

Walls is creating cover art for one of the singles and she also helped design Daggs’ logo, which will be released soon.

“I have heard a few songs from the album and I really love what I heard so far. I can’t wait

to see what everyone thinks after the release,” Walls said.

The product is representative of Daggs’ work ethic and passion for music, longtime friend, Paola Torres says.

“He has invested a lot of time and resources into making this album legitimate and stellar. It is so good already.”

Daggs also plans on having a listening party on the same day as the album release.

Daggs credits his mother for shaping him into the artist he is today, driving him to vocal, guitar and piano lessons while growing up and the launch of a YouTube channel. “There’s videos of me out there, on YouTube singing Miley Cyrus when I was 10, not understanding anything about music.”

Daggs’ end goal is to make people happy and hopes to do so with the upcoming album.

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