Shepherd master plan intends to improve outdoor seating

(THE PICKET)—Shepherd University is adding new seating areas to several places on campus.

“The university is adding new seating and gathering spots all across campus which has been identified in the master plan for updating the campus,” said Tom Crampton, project manager. “The campus wants more outdoor places for students to sit.”

The 2014 Campus Master Plan and Analyses, which can be obtained by the public on Shepherd University’s website at the bottom of the homepage, notes the importance of several spots outdoors on campus where students tend to hang out. There are two spots in front of the dining hall where a picnic table and a bench are already in the process of being placed, a bench is being inserted at the bus spot in front of the health center and more benches and picnic tables will be added across campus.

“Those two areas should be finished by the end of next week. The entire project across campus should be done no later than the end of October, weather permitting,” Crampton.

Shepherd administration is hoping that students will take advantage of the outdoor seating for social gatherings. More benches and picnic tables will be added across campus.

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