Shepherd Bookstore Offers Rambler Deals

The Rambler card services at the Shepherd Bookstore offers great promotions and deals to students who pays with their Rambler.

However, there is more to the card than just an ID or a key to the dorms. Many students are aware that money can be deposited to the Rambler to use the vending machines, or the printers on campus.

“We want the card to have value to [the] students,” said Traci Morris, the coordinator for card and client services. “It’s a way to build a relationship during times when a student don’t have $20.”

A popular promotion by the bookstore is the free replacement card. One day per month, if $20 or more is deposited, students will get a free replacement Rambler. This money goes towards the software needed to create the Ramblers. It takes two minutes to make the card with the help of three software and $20,000 worth of printers.

Students can use their Ramblers in Shepherdstown restaurants, including 7-Eleven, King’s Pizza, Subway, McDonalds, and the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop Bakery.

Also, several specials are offered: at Domino’s Pizza, students get free breadsticks or cinnastix with any order of $8 or more; sundaes are free at McDonalds with the purchase of a value meal; and at 7-11, students get a free 16-ounce coffee if they buy two donuts. If students buy two grill items at 7-11 with their Ramblers, they may receive a free big gulp.

Visit the Shepherd Bookstore and their website at for more information about the Rambler. Also follow them on twitter @ShepherdRambler and find them on Facebook.

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