Shepherd Art Students Hold Public Capstone Expo

(THE PICKET)  Shepherd art students will be showing their paintings, photographs, illustrations and sculptures in Frederick, Maryland, on Friday, April 15.

The showing, among the most diverse of any capstone exhibitions hosted by Shepherd students, will be on view 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at 200 E. Patrick St.

“This is the first time so many graduating seniors have been together in such an amazing space. There will be a lot of variety,” said Jennifer Predmore, a graduating sculpture major.

As with all majors, capstone day is a big day in the collegiate career of art students. Over the past four or more years of honing their skills and developing their craft, they have to pool their own personal resources to plan and host a professional-grade exposition in the hope of impressing their teachers enough to earn the opportunity to graduate.

As the crowning effort of years of study, it gives the students involved the opportunity to see how far their skills have developed and reflect on their experience in the program and progress as artists.

Predmore said that her experience in Shepherd’s art program was a profoundly positive experience.

“I came here thinking my art was so bad I didn’t deserve to get into the program. But with the outstanding encouragement from all the professors and other students to try new things, I am now confident about my art and am ready to face the world head on,” she said

The event is open and free for the entire public. All Shepherd students and their friends and family are encouraged to come and show their support for the university’s art students.

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