“Usually jeans and some sort of sweatshirt work,” said Maggie James, 20, a junior, about her everyday style. “They help me be comfortable and study.”

Shep Street Style

Comfort is the first concern when getting dressed in the morning, according to some Shepherd University students interviewed in early January. Although appearance is a consideration, most students focus on being comfortable enough to study and pay attention in class.

“I usually try to match colors, although that doesn’t really happen,” said Henry Stanley Navarrete Méndez, 20, a freshman. He said he likes a balance between being “comfortable” and “not wearing flip-flops every day.”
Stacy Mummert, 20, a junior, said she chose this outfit for its comfort. “Usually, my philosophy for fashion is if you don’t know what to go with, just throw a leather jacket on it.”
Thomas Best, 19, a freshman, said he chose this outfit because he “couldn’t come to class in pajama pants.” Best said comfort is important, but he also wants to make a good impression.




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