Jacob Martz sworn in as Vice Mayor (Photo courtesy Town of Sharpsburg)

Sharpsburg Vice Mayor Home Raided

Editor’s note: On Wednesday, it was initially reported by The Picket and posted to our social media that Vice Mayor Martz had been detained by federal authorities in relation to the riots on Jan. 6. Our reporter had received this information from an outside source. However, this information has not been confirmed, and at this time it is unknown why Vice Mayor Martz was detained and released. Below is an updated article containing confirmed information from the Town of Sharpsburg. This article will be updated as more information comes in. 

UPDATE – (Oct. 7 @ 4:55 p.m.) 

Sharpsburg, M.d. – Jacob M. Martz, Vice Mayor of Sharpsburg, Maryland, was detained and released following an early morning raid on his home by federal authorities.

According to a source, around 6 a.m. the clouds hung low in the dark morning stillness as a vehicle with deeply tinted windows drove into the alley abutting Martz’s home, while a transport vehicle blocked the entrance facing Main Street.

Law enforcement used a battering ram to break down the door, and shortly after, Martz could be seen being escorted from his home, the source said.

The source said Martz received a phone call several days ago from an individual claiming to be “the Sherriff’s office” asking for him to verify his name and address and wondering if he had been made aware of someone in Sharpsburg committing fraud on a non-profit. This information was used to verify his identity and location.

The Town of Sharpsburg made clear on their Facebook page that although Martz was detained, he was not taken into custody.

The Washington County Sheriff’s office could not provide any further information.

Martz was sworn in as Vice Mayor on Apr. 12, 2021, by Kevin R. Tucker, Clerk of Court for Washington County.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated accordingly.

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