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Seniors express several opinions on leaving college

Life after graduation is promising yet still worrisome for some Shepherd students.

With graduation right around the corner, students are starting to feel the stress of the last few weeks of school. Instead of being scared though, most are excited to begin their lives.

“I am not really feeling too nervous. I know what I want out of life and I plan on pursuing it. I have many contacts in the careers that I am looking into. After graduation, I plan on moving back home to Kansas with my girlfriend and pursuing a career with Sporting Kansas City,” Nick Kellof, a senior sports communications major, said.

“I am not as much feeling angst as I am feeling a little nervous about having to go into the ‘real world.’ I do not have any jobs lined up,” Leandra Rosencrance, a senior photography major, said. “Once I leave I plan on working until grad school.”

Another student has much more angst and anxiety about graduating.

“With these last few weeks of college left, I am feeling many things: anxiety, excitement, fear. I think everyone feels this way when they are about to leave college. I was offered a full time career in Kansas but turned it down. I am still searching for a career in which I can apply what I’ve learned, challenge myself to learn new things, and advance professionally. I plan on moving to Kansas with the love of my life. Kansas has many opportunities in my field, communication and new media, and I am excited to take this huge step in my life and career,” Melanie Williams, a senior mass communications major, said.

Another student isn’t too worried about leaving Shepherd, but is afraid that he won’t find a job.

“I wouldn’t say I have angst about leaving college. I’m curious to know what things will be like once I’m finished. It helps that I have something that I am passionate about, so I know exactly what I want to do. It is kind of scary to think that it is finally over though, and it is time to start a new chapter in my life,” said Danny Kremen, a senior communications major. “Outside of doing stuff for The Picket, I’ve never had an actual job. I did an internship at a radio station up in Martinsburg, but that’s it. I think that once I graduate, if all else fails, they would hire me at the station for a job. I want to keep my options open, though. As much as I would love some time to finally relax, especially after all the work I’m doing this month, I need to find a job ASAP. I don’t want to be one of those guys who graduates and not find a job. That’s the reason I went to college.”

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