Luis Prado, a senior midfielder on the Shepherd Rams men's soccer team, expressed gratitude for everything Shepherd has offered him on and off the field. He wants to be a Physical Education Instructor and Coach with his degree in Secondary Education that he will be completing this school year.

Senior Spotlight: Luis Prado, Senior Midfielder on the Shepherd Rams Men’s Soccer team

Anthony Bracken, Sports Editor

Luis Prado, a senior midfielder on the Shepherd Rams men’s soccer team, sat down with The Picket to talk about his favorite memories of playing for the Rams and what Shepherd University has been able to give him in terms of its’ educational programs.

A transfer student from Venezuela, Luis Prado attended Montgomery College in Maryland prior to coming to Shepherd.  His first season with the Rams was in 2016.

There was a mix of attractive qualities that brought Prado to Shepherd University. He was searching for a school that had his program of study. Once he found out that Shepherd had a program of study in Secondary Education that would enable him to be a physical education instructor and coach one day, this helped him decide that Shepherd was the right school to attend.

Prado gave credit to his coach at Montgomery College in Maryland for helping him to pick Secondary Education as his field of study. At the time, he did not know what to study. He always loved playing soccer and other sports such as baseball and track and field. Prado always loved sports and had a great desire to teach and coach one day, helping him make his degree choice.

In terms of Prado’s favorite part of playing for Shepherd, he has the mindset that education comes first, while soccer comes second. He wants to enjoy his time at Shepherd and has a great passion for playing soccer, while also being able to study at the same time.

When Prado first came to Shepherd in 2016, he was not aware of the lack of diversity that was on Shepherd’s campus. As he came from another country, he did not know what to expect. He found out that many of Shepherd’s students came from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia.

To learn what Luis wants his legacy to be and what some of his favorite memories are on and off the field during his time as a Ram, click on the video below.

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