School’s Out For The Summer

Boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, rejoice.  Summer break has begun.  Summer break is by far one of the best things ever created.  I would argue, it’s way up there with the wheel and electricity.  However, some people are not sure what events are going on during break, and unfortunately they don’t get to experience all the fun perks that go along with vacation.  This break isn’t just for us students either as I can imagine professors need these summer breaks too.

Number one on my list is pretty easy to do; it’s just sitting around the house.  I know that sounds like a waste of time, but give it a chance.  All semester, students and teachers alike have to respond to a demanding schedule.  We have to get up a certain time and be at school a certain time.  During summer, turn off that alarm clock, don’t check your phone for the time and just bum it for a day.

Of course, we can’t spend our summer inside all day though.  Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful vistas and exciting things to do right in our backyard.  One great source is the Potomac River which is literally right next to us.  If you’re not big on spending money, just drive to the parking lot and walk the trails, or go to the shore and chill out, however companies around town or even in this general area can get you boats if you feel like adventuring down the river.

Freshman Dakota Oliver said, “It’s really great, we have the entire river at our disposal.  I’d be crazy not to use it.”

Another great place to go if you are looking for something to do during the summer recess is only fifteen minutes or so away from Shepherdstown. The quaint and beautiful town of Harpers Ferry has so many different locales and mom and pop stores that can attract anyone’s attention. Moreover, you can find tours of the town and surrounding areas that have a wealth of historic significance, specifically the Civil War. You can also find museums but if that’s not your cup of tea, there are numerous places to hike such as Maryland Heights.  Then when you’re feeling hungry, there are places where you can even have a nice picnic.  No food at home for the picnic? Don’t panic because you can visit one of Harpers Ferry many restaurants.

While we have probably done enough learning during this year, going to places like the Antietam Battlefield can be both entertaining and educational.  Yes, that’s actually possible!  There are the tours like the trail that you can walk on to enjoy the sites, and the self-guided driving tour if you aren’t up to the walk. Sometimes they even have reenactments depicting the battle and what went on those sacred sites.

Freshman Skye Clark said, “Antietam is great, the environment and people are both so great.  It’s just a great way to spend a day.”

While some of these ideas may not be ideal to you, I would argue there are still many other sources of fun for you during the summer recess that are both inexpensive, and can be found right near us in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Don’t get me wrong though, the first things that come to mind when speaking of vacation are great too. I am a total advocate for Hershey Park and Kings Dominion both, and let’s face it, nothing beats a trip beach. I’m thinking Ocean City or Virginia Beach?

Whether you spend your vacation staring at the sunset on a beach or in your backyard, just be sure to enjoy it and enjoy it safely. Make some new memories, experience something new, and just be glad we aren’t sitting in uncomfortable chairs bored out of our minds.

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