"Sans Merci" fiction editors did not see the final print of the book until the day of their release party on the 21st (photo by Chloe Johnson)

“Sans Merci” celebrates release of 43rd edition of art and prose

Editors for Shepherd University’s annual literary magazine, “Sans Merci,” have officially released the 43rd edition of their annual book of art and prose. A team of 12 literary and art editors worked to put the book together.

The book was celebrated with a launch party on March 21st.

“Gaudineer Knob from Memory” is a sculpture by Nevada Tribble that won Best Art (photo by Chloe Johnson)

Gabrielle Hersey and Claudia McCarron worked together as senior editors to put this year’s “Sans Merci” together. Both editors are graduating English majors at Shepherd University.

“Self-Inhabitance” by Alizah Lathrop was on display behind the reading area at the release party for “Sans Merci” (photo by Chloe Johnson)

“I think we’re most proud of the cover design this year,” Hersey said. “The colors put together are astounding, and the fonts used pop out.”

“Capitulate” was a painting by Kaleb Aurand in the 43rd edition of “Sans Merci” (photo by Chloe Johnson)

The magazine received 100 submissions for consideration, which is more submissions than “Sans Merci” has had any other year. The final product contains 33 pieces of writing and 17 pieces of art.

“Growth” was an art piece by Alexandria Garcia that was on display at the “Sans Merci” release party (photo by Chloe Johnson)

Those interested in reading the 43rd edition of “Sans Merci” can find it in Shepherd’s Scarborough Library. For news and updates on “Sans Merci”, check out their Instagram @sansmercimag.

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