A poke bowl from the Green Pineapple. Photo by Anna Cristofano

REVIEW: Shepherdstown’s wide range of cuisines do not disappoint, Green Pineapple’s Poke needs work

Shepherdstown is home to many small shops that house a variety of cultural perspectives. Looking at the different restaurants that the town has to offer, a person can choose from a vast array of cuisines.  

Bistro 112: Bistro 112 is best known for their select French fare that is freshly sourced and everchanging. I was greeted by the beautifully renovated townhouse style building that connects to an outdoor seating that provides a sense of lavishness and luxury. I started the dinner off with the charcuterie and cheese board, that served a vast array of rich cheeses and prosciutto meats atop a decorative wooden slab. I personally loved the honey and nut breads served along with the board that added a nice touch of different flavors. 

For my entree I decided to get the Roasted Chicken Breast, that came with a rich vegetable puree and savory mushrooms. My overally experience at the restaurant was lovely, and the waitstaff was very tentative. I would recommend the restaurant to anyone who is looking for a nicer evening out, or a more formal place to take their parents out for dinner when they come to visit! 

The Green Pineapple:  The Green Pineapple is the epitome of western modernization on Asian cuisine and internet trends. You are greeted with a chic layout and vibe as soon as you walk into the building. To follow along in the modernized trends, the service is self-ordering at the counter, where you then pick up your food of choice, ranging from sushiritos to ramen. 

I decided to get the “Basic Poke Bowl” that came with ahi tuna, green shallots and avocado over a bed of sticky rice. Poke bowls being one of my personal favorite foods, I was a harsh critic when it came to this one, and I regret to say that it fell short on overall flavor. The bowl itself was quite dry as the siracha mayo that tops it was lacking in my personal taste and spice.  

Although the initial bowl was not my personal favorite, I would recommend the restaurant to anyone who loves to partake in various internet trends that this place embodies. 

MJ’s DeliCafe- When debating on where to go in Shepherdstown for either a healthy and savory breakfast, or a quick in between class lunch break my mind automatically goes to MJ’s Cafe. I had the pleasure of trying both the lunch and breakfast menus out, and they did not disappoint!  

“The Morty” is the classic go to breakfast sandwich for on the go, that provides a filling but also savory meal for before classes. The overall taste and preparation of the sandwich was desirable for the price that it came, $9.25.  I decided to pair the sandwich with one of the seven smoothies on the menu that MJs had to offer, “Berry Pom.” The tangy taste of the raspberry and pomegranate smoothie paired great with the sandwich and was a great start to my day of classes. 

I later returned on another date to try their lunch selection out, and it did not disappoint. Although the sandwiches were on the pricier side, ranging from $12-15, I would say the taste and quality of food matches the price. I went with the Veggie sandwich which I have already gotten multiple times before and knew I was going to love. The blend of fresh flavors and quality of ingredients made this the perfect sandwich.  

I would recommend this cafe to anyone looking for a quick bite to eat with good quality food that will not disappoint, or a casual lunch out with friends, as the atmosphere of the cafe is bright and welcoming throughout. 

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