Residence Life Sends Out Email to Too Many Students

(THE PICKET) – The Residence Life Office sent out an email Friday telling students living alone that they will be moved into rooms with other students, but the email was received by more students than intended.

The message concerned room consolidation. The University seeks to consolidate students who have not paid for a single room together so there is room for those who need private rooms. The email was received by students who have paid for single rooms and students who do have roommates.

In the Sept. 23 email, Robin Hosby, the housing assignment coordinator from the Residence Life office, told students they would be consolidated.

“Consolidation is a necessary process so that we can allow students who have a need for single room or students who may not have a need but would like to have a single the opportunity to purchase a room as a single,” Hosby said in her email. “Residence Life has the right to assign, reassign, and adjust occupancy of rooms at any time.”

Resident life later sent out an email apologizing for the mistake and said that that it was meant only for those students who do not currently have a roommate and who have not paid for a single room.

“I think it was a mistake,” said Jered Horton, a resident of Turner Hall who rooms alone, “but I still think the administration should have a more clear email system.”

When reached for comment, the residence life office told the Picket that they had sent the email out to everyone as a mistake and apologized for it. They also said that if students have a roommate or have paid for a single room to ignore the email, and if they have any questions to direct them to the residence life office.

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