Rachel Sefton: Go-getter on and off the field

Rachel Sefton
                       Rachel Sefton

(THE PICKET) – Junior biology major Rachel Sefton shows dedication to athletics and academia at Shepherd University- making up for missed lectures by studying on the bus to and from games while maintaining a 3.3 GPA.

Sefton and her teammates are among a group of student-athletes who take over campus the week before classes start and begin preparing for their upcoming seasons.

On the field, Sefton is left-footed and uses this ability to help out the team playing left wing, and she can be easily identified by her blond, braided hair.

Once the semester starts, Sefton’s schedule starts to get busy.  Taking 16 credit hours a semester can often be challenging alone, but Sefton takes on this course load along with playing a sport every fall.  When she is able, Sefton spends a share of her time with a group of her biology and chemistry peers studying and catching up on what she missed during lecture.

“In season it is very difficult to maintain my workload because we are constantly on the road with two or three games a week,” Sefton said.  “Luckily we have Wi-Fi on our buses.”

“Missing class sucks because you get behind so quickly and making up tests and labs is very difficult with the limited time I have open,” Sefton said.

Sefton’s free time is occupied by soccer and school work, she is a member of Tri Beta and the Student Athlete Committee.  When she has time, she works part-time as a lifeguard at the Wellness Center on campus and is active in Relay for Life.

“My schedule takes away from the amount of sleep I get, and the fatigue plays a large role in my performance on the field,” Sefton said.

“Rachel always has a huge smile on her face no matter what,” said Haley Price, a junior chemistry major and lacrosse player.  “I know how difficult it can be to keep up with our classes and still be as dedicated as we have to be to our sports, but Rachel doesn’t let it get to her.”

For 14 years, Sefton has dedicated a part of her life to soccer playing in recreational leagues as well as on club teams.  The student-athlete did not want to let the chance to play collegiate soccer get away from her when she came to Shepherd.

“I know my soccer career ends after college, and I love that I have the ability to continue playing until then,” Sefton said.

“Rachel is a great student-athlete; she is a great influence in soccer and academics.  She is one of the hardest workers and that shows in both school and on the field.  I’m very happy that I can call her my teammate and friend,” said Anna Mueller, a junior soccer player and business major.

Her interest in biology and sports helped Sefton choose her career path.  The student-athlete plans to attend physical therapy school to specialize in sports medicine.  Sefton is considering several graduate schools across the country including West Virginia University, the University of Southern California, Ohio State, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Emory University.

During the offseason, Sefton enjoys spending her free time going fishing, watching Netflix, and spending time with her friends and her dog.

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