Shepherd May Provide Vaccines for Students

Shepherdstown, W.Va., – Students at Shepherd University could be getting the COVID-19 vaccination soon. If approved it will be given on campus to students who choose to take it. The vaccine is highly recommended but is not required for students. 

 The vaccine will also be free of charge. As of now, Shepherd University has vaccinated over four-hundred employees. They have all received both the first and second doses.  

“I’m all for anyone else no matter who they are to me to take the vaccine if they want. Like just because I’m not pushing to do so, I’m not gonna push that same mentality on others. I’m just personally gonna give it some time,” said  Marquell Campbell who is a computer engineering major.

 The state of West Virginia has also offered additional vaccines to anyone on campus who is forty or older that has not received one yet. On March 11 students received an email being notified that Shepherd University may be receiving vaccines for students.

Psychology major, Kady Sanogo said, “My parents are still weary of the vaccine and would rather wait a little while longer before any of us take it.”  

 Provided by the state. Attached to the email was a survey to see how many students would be interested in receiving the vaccine. That way they can get an estimate on how many vaccines to provide the University with.   

A professor in the Mass Communications department, Kevin Williams said, “ I’m proud of Shepherd and its coronavirus Taskforce. Shepherd has been well organized from the start of the pandemic. I was overjoyed to learn I could get the vaccine relatively early. The process was simple and socially distanced. Shepherd has really taken the lead on getting people vaccinated, and hopefully ready to resume on-campus classes as soon as it is safe.”   

 Along with professors, students in the nursing program at the University have also received both doses of the vaccine. Masks and social distancing will still be required on campus, regardless if students have had one or both vaccines.


As of Monday, Governor Jim Justice opened vaccine eligibility to all West Virginia residents 16 and older. Doses will still be prioritized for residents 65 and older but many younger candidates have been able to receive their first dose already. 

“It [receiving the vaccine] was pretty quick and easy. I just have a bit of some body aches but otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good. Glad to be getting it finally,”  said Dylan Bishop, a student who received their shot at an off-campus location.

West Virginia has now become one of the first states to lift all requirements surrounding receiving the vaccination in an effort to get everybody in the state vaccinated. The state has been in the news quite frequently for its fast paced vaccination plan.

According to The state has given over 709,000 doses of the vaccine and already has upwards of 267,000 residents fully vaccinated. While this seems like a lot, it is just 16.31 percent of the state. However, this is a much bigger percentage than other states. 

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