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Picket or Flick IT: Sully an Emotional Journey

(The Picket)-In “Sully” director Clint Eastwood and leading man Tom Hanks lead us on a moving and riveting journey. A film centered around a miracle plane landing and its aftermath could potentially exhaust most of the action early on but Eastwood manages to keep us interested through a series of inspired what-if fantasies and flashbacks of the event. The flashbacks are handled in a way that makes them seem more real than the present, creating an effect that makes you feel as impacted by the events as the character.

Hanks’ portrayal of a man who simply wanted to do his job and ensure the safety of others, slowly dealing with the trauma and sudden fame that follow make Captain Chelsey Sullenberger or Sully an empathetic and relate-able character. I found myself rooting for Captain Sully and his co-pilot through the film, crying in their pain and cheering in their triumphs.

If any low point is present in this it is the low relate-ability of Laura Linney ‘s performance as Sully’s wife, Lorraine Sullenberger. Linney’s conversations via phone with Hanks make her seem somewhat detached from the events going on in his life, thankfully they are a very small part of the film.

The full journey of emotions comes to head with the trial with TSA for the incident, making us hold our breath even knowing this one has a happy ending. In an additional moment of impact photographs and filmed footage of the actual passengers and crew of the flight are shown during the closing credit sequence enhancing further the emotion and impact of the reality-based story. Overall this emotional journey is definitely to fall in a Pick-it to see for historical-based drama.

Jessica Sharpless is a reporter for The Picket and can be contacted via email at jsharp02@rams.shepherd.edu

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