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Picket or Flick-It: Lego Batman, A Parody of Franchise and Pop Culture.
Picket or Flick it Movie reviews and Entertianment.

(The Picket)-A city populated by beloved childhood toy people under attack from every classic DC comic villain known is about to be blown up by an over-complicated bomb, but wait – our hero comes and saves the day. Then again, this is such a heroic hero.

Lego Batman is much like its predecessor the original Lego Movie. It’s more of a parody in tribute to its subject than a standalone film. Director Chris McKay, previously known for his work on the television program, Robot Chicken, gives the film that same random feel, as we see the Joker gather an army of villains from across the pop culture universe featuring everything from King Kong, Lord Voldemort, and an army of Daleks from Dr. Who.

This is a film designed to draw in multiple fandoms with jokes and a flawed comic hero. Batman is a parody of the dark knight’s most flawed personality traits on display. Voiced by comedian Will Arnett, this Batman is in denial about his fears, makes horrible choices, and eats a ridiculous amount of lobster thermidor.

The rest of the main cast tries their hardest to help him see the light, with romantic innuendos for new police commissioner and Bat Girl Barbra Gordon voiced by Rosario Dawson, naïve admiration and bad wardrobe jokes from Dick Grayson aka Robin voiced by Michael Cera, and of course Batman’s right hand, the ultimate butler Alfred Pennyworth voiced by Ralph Finnes. This foursome manages to recover from self-centered Batman’s mistakes and save Gotham city working as a team.

Over all the film is playful and bright and is a large contrast to the live-action Batman films it mocks. It’s something more of a light and fluffy comedy like the shows its directors background comes from. My biggest nerd question is if you’re going to include Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter in a film like this and you already have the original actor on the pay roll, why are you asking Eddie Izzard to do the voice instead?

For me this movie was cute but it’s more of a rental or Netflix kind of movie. If you’re bored on a Friday night with nothing else to do, go ahead and Pick-it, but if you want a more serious movie experience then this may not be the way to go.

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