Jack and Dr. Scott Beard, Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education and Associate Provost for Academic Affairs as Featured on Pets of Shepherd.

Pets of Shepherd

(The Picket)-How much do you actually know about your professors? Well two of Shepherd’s creative instructors set out to give us a peek into the character of the people we see everyday.

Dean Colleen Nolan and Director of Marketing and Digital Strate Timothy Haines created the Pets of Shepherd, an extension of the Shepherd University website, which depicts the faculty and staff with their furry friends. The pair got the idea from similar projects that other schools have done. The project is meant to give a glimpse of who the staff and faculty are, to show they’re just as human as the rest of us. Many of the animals shown are rescues and have found loving homes among those who work here at Shepherd.

Now they are trying to expand the project by opening it up to students who would like to show off their pet. Instagram and Facebook messages along with emails have been sent out encouraging people to participate. You can visit Pets of shepherd at http://www.shepherd.edu/pets-of-shepherd.

Christine Critchley is a staff reporter for the Picket she can be contacted at CCRITC01@rams.shepherd.edu.

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