Painter Sarah Jacobs’ Opening Exhibit

rsz_dsc_1069PAIGE SHARABI/The Picket

Monday, February 22nd from 4pm to 7pm Sarah Jacobs featured her vibrant and bold patterned paintings in the Shepherd’s Phase II Gallery. Walking around the gallery the first thing noticeable feature is the large scale of her work. With this element, the small meticulous details she embraces within her patterns become highlighted.

Sarah Jacobs has traveled and featured her work around the world. Being able to experience such a wide variety of cultures and people has provided her inspiration when working on her paintings.












The different traditional and contemporary patterns Jacobs utilizes pairs with her visual representations of her different patterns of living. With these details she hopes to open her viewers to adapting and embracing of the new philosophies she has been involved in.

rsz_dsc_1068 (1)PAIGE SHARABI/The Picket

Sarah Jacobs’ hand-painted works are going to be showcased in the Phase II Gallery between 10am-7pm Monday through Friday, so stop by to admire the brightly colored and intricate paintings that will help create new and fresh ideas of complexity and beauty in the world that surrounds us.

rsz_dsc_1070PAIGE SHARABI/The Picket



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