Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Building Anticipation Among Gamers

Nintendo fans rejoice, the much ridiculed Nintendo Wii U home entertainment system that suffered from poor sales since its 2012 release is about to get some major sales boosts in the near future.

Numerous gaming news websites such as IGN and Polygon are reporting that leaked images from retailer Fred Meyer advertising place the much anticipated Super Smash Bros video game release date as being November 21st. While this is not an officially announced release date, it would line up nicely with previous statements from Nintendo stating that the game will be released near the holiday season.

This most recent entry in the popular Smash Bros is coming to the US on two platforms: the Wii U for at-home play and the 3DS for mobile play. Nintendo recently announced that a free demo of the 3DS game that will allow 30 trial plays of the game will be downloadable from the 3DS E-shop for all 3DS owners September 17th via a livestreaming media event. This free demo will be available to play at select retailers for those who do not own a 3DS September 18th.

While the Wii U edition of the game does not yet have a set release date, the 3DS edition is set to be released October 3rd.

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