NFL Season Reflection

This past NFL season gave us many great surprises with this past Super Bowl match up being one of them. Raise your hands if you predicted a 49ers versus Ravens Super Bowl match-up? Alright I’ll give you that one. But, raise your hand if you saw Colin Kaepernick led 49ers┬áteam going up against a Ray Lewis led Ravens team post-torn triceps? LIARS!! ALL OF YOU ARE LIARS!!


Another great surprise from this past NFL season was was play of our fabulous freshman: RG3, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Doug Martin, Alfred Morris, and we’ll throw Kaepernick in there just because this was his first season as the starting quarterback.


Who would’ve thought on draft day last April that those three rookie quarterbacks would be leading their teams to the playoffs? It is simply incredible what they have accomplished this season and while RG3 was named AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, all three of them should be commended.


Speaking of Andrew Luck, how about those Colts? They lost Peyton Manning two years prior, Jeff Saturday just before the season, and then, oh by the way, Head Coach Chuck Pagano gets diagnosed with cancer just after the season got started!


The fact that they got to the playoffs speaks volumes to Andrew Lucks leadership as well as Bruce Arians leadership. Kudos to Arians on the new gig in Arizona and on winning the AP Coach of the Year award.


And how about Peyton Manning? Just one season after having multiple neck surgeries (and also being warned by doctors that the next hit you take could be your last), he suited up with Denver Broncos and proved that Tim Tebow (I couldn’t go the entire NFL review post without name dropping him now could I?) isn’t the only person that can win in Denver. Congrats to Mr. Manning on winning AP Comeback Player of the Year.


Speaking of comebacks, Adrian Peterson’s recovery from a torn ligament in his knee was nothing short of sensational. Only one person saw that coming: MVPeterson. Not even one year removed from that devastating hit at FedEx did Peterson comeback and run through, over, and around the NFL while almost breaking the single season rushing record. Congrats to AP on AP NFL MVP.


Records are made to be broken, right? Just ask Jerry Rice. Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson simply crushed Jerry’s single season receiving mark with a few weeks left to spare. The Johnson’s, Andre and Calvin (no relation), had great seasons and have solidified themselves among the best of the NFL’s all-time receivers (sorry, Randy.).


Oh, what a season it was. As we reflect back on the 2012-2013 NFL season, it certainly was a memorable one. What were some of your favorite moments for the 2012-2013 NFL season?

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