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New Rambler Merchants

The Town Hall and Shepherdstown Police Department are now accepting Rambler as payments for utilities, tickets, parking permits, and fines.

Amy Boyd, a town clerk at the Town Hall, said, “This new form of payment provides another method of ease for students.” Boyd adds, “Students who have their parents help pay for things won’t need them to drive to campus, as long as they are capable of making the payment using their Rambler.”

This decision is an integration between the town and the university. New merchants that are beginning to accept Rambler purchases are welcoming the student life all around Shepherdstown.

“I think it’s a nice way for the town to finally accept they are a college town,” said Maggie Nevin, a senior English literature major. “It’s nice to have some student recognition off campus.”

“I rarely ever use my Rambler, but services like these make me consider using it,” said Hannah Amoski, a sophomore psychology major.

Ni Sung, a business administration major, likes this new service.

“This is a great idea,” Sung said. “It’s convenient for those of us who want to use the money on our Ramblers for these purchases.”

The Green Pineapple and Morgan’s Grove Market will also be off-campus merchants that welcome Rambler purchases in the near future.

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