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Netflix: Newbies for February

As the month of January comes to an end, it is now time for a new beginning. On Shepherd University campus students will be undergoing their second month of classes and midterms will be approaching. Students may be ruffled in their courses and need a moment of relaxation. By doing so, many turn to streaming services that will provide them with endless amounts of movies and shows.

According to C|Net, Netflix has remained the top streaming service due to costs and offering a wide variety of films and shows compared to its competitor. From Netflix Originals to various classic shows, viewers will always find something to enjoy for entertainment and the catalog continues to grow.

For the month of January series such as Ozark released season four, Too Hot to Handle released season three, and innovative films are on the rise.

Various titles were intriguing and interesting, but for the month of February, listed are a catalog of movies and series that I shall be reviewing or appear to be enchanting:

  1. Drama
  2. Non-Fiction
  3. Comedy
  4. Family
  5. Thriller
  6. Anime
Look for “Tall Girl 2” from Netflix in February. Courtesy photo

Since February is the month of love and Valentine’s Day, I was amazed by the catalog not having any upcoming romance productions, but I’m sure a film such as Five Feet Apart would be a great film to watch with your significant other. Hopefully you might unwind and find something to watch in next month’s catalog.

“The Cuphead Show” is another Netflix offering for February. Courtesy photo

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