Multiple Shepherdstown Burglaries Remain Unsolved

In February of this year there were four store burglaries in Shepherdstown, W.Va. The four stores that were burglarized were Mellow Moods, Two River Treads, Jala Yoga, and The Blue Moon Cafe. This string of burglaries remains unsolved. However, the case is still ongoing.

In a communication with Chief David Ransom of the Shepherdstown Police Department, he said that the Police Department doesstill receive information regarding these incidents. All of the information received is followed up on. There have been no arrests made in connection to these burglaries as of yet. Anyone with information is asked to call the Shepherdstown Police Department at (304) 876-6036 or email them at

There is a $500 cash reward for information that results in the arrest andconviction of the person or persons responsible for the burglaries. If there are any updates in the case, we will be posting them.

There was a large community response in helping out the businesses that were burglarized. Greg King, owner of The Blue Moon Cafe, said, “We did get a tremendous support response from the community. And that was very heartwarming and affirmative. That’s why I like living in Shepherdstown.”

Shepherdstown does not have a high crime rate at all. The idea, however, of stores being burglarized and the suspects getting away with it, does frustrate some people.

Whether or not the thieves get caught in connection with this crime or with a future crime, we can rest assured that justice will be served and, even if the criminal is not caught, at least the businesses stolen from were helped by the community.

If no other good came from these burglaries, at least one good thing came out of it: a sign of a close and caring community.

College students walk by and buy from many of these businesses daily, so they have an interest in their wellbeing as well.

Khiry Timbers, a student, said, “Gotta look out for the cookout.” His comment is funny and true. As students, we expect the businesses to stay serving us, and we can do a little “looking out” for them and keep an extra eye out for suspicious activity.

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