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Movies You Missed This Summer

This Summer saw the return of  many major blockbuster theater exclusives. As the world begins to heal, it is supremely important we support our local independent cinemas. While there are lots of wonderful new movies on the way– like Dune and The House of Gucci– that you can catch at Frederick’s Warehouse Cinemas or the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester, here are a couple Summer 2021 releases you can catch up with in the meantime.


Don’t Breathe 2

Rodo Sayagues helms the sequel to Fede Alvarez’s 2016 box office smash hit. A unique continuation, this movie does a great job of what was strongest with the first film: keeping you wondering who the good guy really is. It follows the Blind Man and his daughter (yes, yes, he really does have a child when this movie opens) rather than the protagonists of the previous film. It is a breath of fresh air for gory thriller cinema, and despite its many flaws, it carries the same heart that all Alvarez pictures do. 



I have faith that you’ve seen this movie already, but if you haven’t, get on it immediately. This film has the smallest scope we have seen from a Pixar movie yet, but it doesn’t back down on big dreams. It has one of the most gorgeously imagined landscapes, fit for one of the most magical settings on Earth. The scenery, character designs, soundtrack, and story (while matching the rest in simplicity) are drop-dead beautiful. With major inspiration from Call Me By Your Name, this movie is one of the most emotionally charged children’s tales we’ve seen since Coco. Watch Luca the next chance you get.


The Suicide Squad

I am not a fan of superhero or comic adaptation films, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw The Suicide Squad. James Gunn clearly has a vision and a commanding voice that overpowers the rest of DC’s hopelessness. Their streak of choosing auteur directors for DC IPs is a great call. This movie is raunchy, funny, and gory in all the right ways. Its self awareness doesn’t actually get in the way like most meta-humor these days. It’s not without its flaws, but The  Suicide Squad is definitely worth a watch. 


The Green Knight

David Lowery’s The Green Knight is in current standing for best film of the year. The attention to visual storytelling is something of the work of Kurosawa or Cosmatos. The rich atmosphere, the vibrant color, the performances–  all are intensely effective. The tale of Gawain is nothing we aren’t already very familiar with in cinema, but never has an adaptation of this story been so aptly delivered to a modern audience. This isn’t to mention the incredible soundtrack and practical visual effects. All of the pieces of this film fit just right to make it a modern classic. The jury is split between audiences and critics, but I side with the critics when I call this movie a masterwork. 


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