The Weekly Hump: Morning After Pill Now Available OTC

It has come to your attention that last night when you were having sex in the back of your car, the condom your guy was wearing decided to break. Don’t panic. You don’t have to do anything drastic to get yourself out of this predicament.

Take responsibility for your accident. It happens. Shake it off. There is no such thing as a walk of shame. Ladies, put on your panties and stay calm.

Plan B One-Step Oral Emergency Contraceptive is now available at pharmacies for purchase over the counter. No, I’m not writing to advocate this product. I’m writing to inform both women and men of your new right. This means a prescription for purchase is no longer required. Women of all ages may buy the emergency contraceptive from any drugstore or pharmacy that carries it.

The battle regarding Plan B One-Step has raged on for over a decade. Yes, a decade. Pick up your jaw and allow me to further enlighten you on the most recent news concerning the “morning after pill”.

According to, on June 21, 2013 the age restriction to purchase the pill was lifted by the Food and Drug Administration. For the last decade, only women 17 and older were able to purchase the pill. Now women without a prescription can purchase the pill for a flat fee of $50. If you are able to get a prescription, the pill is only $30.

My first thought when considering the so-called controversy of this medication: a responsible woman would only choose to purchase the pill if either her birth control failed or no other forms of contraceptive were used during sex. An irresponsible woman or man could knowingly have unprotected sex because they have the option of purchasing Plan B the next morning.

To my peers, I stress that this pill is for emergency use only. This medication is a serious dosage of hormones intended to prevent pregnancy by delaying the release of a woman’s egg from her ovary. If taken within 24 hours, the pill can be 95 percent effective. It is only to be used within a 120 hour window after sex. Some side effects a woman may experience include vomiting, dizziness and an abnormal menstrual cycle.

Sex drives rage on college campuses. This is a new chapter for many of us and we must remember the importance of taking care of our health. Accidents happen—keep a clear head when making sexual choices, and remember to be safe.

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