Modified town ordinance geared toward protecting citizens

(THE PICKET)—At July’s Shepherdstown town counsel meeting, a town ordinance pertaining to skateboarders and bicyclists was modified due to citizens’ complaints and safety concerns.

Town police say that boarders and cyclists must now follow motor vehicle laws when operating on the streets of Shepherdstown.

“(Skateboarders and cyclists) are blowing through stop signs,” Shepherdstown Police Department Sgt. Mike King said. “We are trying to keep people from getting seriously hurt or killed.”

King continued that his department has yielded many complaints of skateboarders and bicyclists not stopping at stop signs and nearly being struck by moving traffic.

“They must obey all traffic signs,” King said.

The ordinance also includes scooters, roller blades, and roller skates. It states that when they are operated on town sidewalks or streets, users must obey traffic control devices such as stop signs.

According to the document obtained by The Picket, no person shall ride a bicycle, skateboard, or scooter, use roller blades or roller skates on any sidewalk within the German Street, Church Street or Princess Street areas. Additionally, these devices should not be used outside this area in a way that impedes vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic or safety.

King said that fines begin at $25 and double each offense up to $100 and repeat offenders risk having their bicycle or skateboard taken from them until fines are paid.

People using motorized scooters because of impaired mobility are not included in this order.

Todd Bowman is a staff writer for The Picket. He can be reached at or on Twitter @todd_bowman87.

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