Midterm Madness Strikes Again

By this point in our academic careers, we all know the typical suggestions on how to prepare for midterms: review your notes, go through the textbooks and do not wait until the last minute to start studying.

However, even the best of us can get distracted. Stuff comes up and before you know it, exam time has arrived. Don’t worry! There are ways to make it through midterms even if stress and procrastination have gotten the best of you.

Have you ever heard the expression “fake it until you make it”? Well, this can apply to taking exams, too. There is no use beating yourself up for not studying right before taking a midterm.

Instead, try to convince yourself that you remember everything from the lectures and build up your confidence beforehand. You may surprise yourself by how much material you remember.

Along the same lines, you can try to look on the bright side of procrastination. “I work best under pressure, so the more I procrastinate, the better I do,” said Shepherd senior Ashli Cheshire.

By harnessing some of the pressure and stress that midterm exams and papers can cause, it is possible to turn it into motivation to study hard and get all of that class work finished. While waiting until the last minute to begin studying is probably not the best idea, being able to turn that stress into productivity is a helpful skill to have.

Even though trying to maintain a positive mindset during exam time is important, sometimes we all need a little extra boost to motivate us to get to work. In this time of need, caffeine is a life saver.

Whether you prefer the classics like coffee and tea or the more intense buzz that energy drinks provide, treating yourself to a caffeinated beverage may just be the help you need to get through midterms.

Listening to some energizing music before a big test is another way to get pumped up and motivated. Try making a playlist of some of your favorite upbeat songs that you can listen to on your way to class.

Instead of panicking about an upcoming exam or paper, treat yourself to a caffeinated beverage and listen to music to help you get into a positive mindset before hitting the books!

Of course, these are just a few general ideas on how to keep stress at bay as midterm exams approach. There are also more unique ways that students may deal with stress while preparing for tests.

Do you have a specific pen or pencil that you like to use for note taking? Go ahead and use that while taking your exam. Perhaps you have a morning exercise routine that helps you wake up and get prepared for the day; it may be helpful to keep up with that routine rather than to try and squeeze in a few extra minutes of studying.

While there is no adequate replacement for hard work and studying, when it comes to midterm preparation, it is also important to keep yourself motivated. Find out what tricks help you feel your most prepared to go out and ace those exams!

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