Michael Cera’s Surprise Album Delivers in an Unconventional Manner

Michael Cera, perhaps most well-known for his roles in movies like Superbad, Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World released a surprise album entitled True That on the website bandcamp.com August 8th of this year.

The album is an intentionally messily recorded collection of short instrumentals, several folksy ballads and a cover of the song “Clay Pigeons” by Blaze Foley. Seventeen tracks in all, tonally the album evokes images of rainy days and long lonely nights. Cera frequently employs a 3/4 time signature over guitar, piano and drum samples throughout creating a droning, if times discordant atmosphere. Cera’s vocals, when they do appear are quite and soft, almost blending into the background at times. His vocals are simultaneously emotional and resigned, he sounds similar to someone rambling on about a depressing day as they fall asleep.

True That is not a groundbreaking piece of art, but nor is it a typical, run of the mill collection of pop songs. Cera does not seem to have any top 40 ambitions with this album, but instead offers it as a sort of glimpse into what occupies the man’s free time.

Stand out tracks include the melancholy five-minute story-song “Ruth”, the two and a half minute ode “OhNadine (you were in my dream)” and the short opening guitar instrumental “uhohtrouble”.

Those interested can stream True That for free or download the 17 track album for $7 on michaelceramusic.bandcamp.com/releases.

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