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Men’s Tennis takes a big loss to West Virginia Wesleyan falling to a 9-0 deficit

The Shepherd Men’s Tennis Team had a long day on the court Wednesday, April 11, in Shepherdstown as they faced off against West Virginia Wesleyan, losing 9-0.


Maycon Santos Dias of Wesleyan, defeated Carter Davis of Shepherd in three sets.
First Set: Dias, 6-3
Second Set: Davis, 6-4
Third Set: Dias, 10-8

In the second match Alex Lyudinovskiy of WVW, took down Evan Dokken in two quick sets.
First Set: Lyudinovskiy, 6-0
Second Set: Lyudinovskiy, 6-1

The third set would also be a dominating victory by the Bobcats as Harry Simbioforidus won in two sets taking down Kaleb Lochner.
First Set: Simbioforidus, 6-0
Second Set: Simbioforidus, 6-0

In the fourth set Yonas Gebre of WVW, took down Lewis Charette of Shepherd in two sets.
First Set: Gebre, 6-0
Second Set: Gebre, 6-1

In the fifth match Anthony Rames of WVW had a convincing victory over Austin Thomas of SU, winning in two sets.
First Set: Rames, 6-2
Second Set: Rames, 6-2

In the last singles match Daniel Moreira of WVW, defeated Clay Smith of SU, in two sets.
First Set: Moreira, 6-3
Second Set: Moreira, 6-3


In the first match of doubles Santos Dias and Gebre of WVW, took down Davis and Dokken, of SU 8-4

In the second match Lyudinovskiy and Borovcanin of WVW, dominated Lochner and Smith of SU 8-1.

In the last match Rames and Simbioforidus of WVW, also had a blowout victory over Shepherd’s Thomas, and Charette.

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