Meet and Greet: Chad Moore

  1. Any New Year’s Resolutions?

“Not really, I just want our team to keep winning.”


  1. Do you have a favorite part of the season so far?

“Not a specific one, just the whole season has been good. We have been winning for the most part, so it’s been good.”


  1. What do you hope to teach the younger players since you are looked to as a leader on the team?

“I would say the importance of practice. We go hard and it gets really competitive. Sometimes small fights happen, but it’s because we are trying to make each other better.”


  1. You’re an avid Lakers fan. What do they need to do to turn it around this season?

“Trade Dwight Howard. He’s not 100 percent and isn’t playing the same way. He doesn’t have the jump like he is known for.”


  1. What about Mike D’Antoni being brought in to coach them?

“It’s not his fault because he didn’t have the pre-season to work with them and get them prepared in his system. He just needs the right personnel for his system. He doesn’t have the team he wants right now.”


  1. Last movie you saw?

“‘Looper.’ I really liked it. It was pretty tight and crazy with it being in the future and all.”


  1. What would senior Chad Moore tell freshman Chad Moore in terms of advice?

“I would once again emphasize the importance of practice. When I was a freshman, I didn’t know how great it translated to doing well in games. You have to be consistent and can’t let yourself get too down after a bad game.”


  1. Lastly, what do you plan to do after you graduate from Shepherd?

“I am studying Fitness and Exercise Science, so I would like to do something in health and fitness field. I’d like to be a personal trainer.”

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