Martinsburg Center Given Location and Director

Shepherd University’s Martinsburg Center will be located off Edwin Miller Boulevard. James Klein will be the new director.

It is believed that the expansion of Shepherd University will improve economic development in the Eastern Panhandle. The location of the campus Boulevard should be more convenient for commuters traveling from Berkeley Springs, Hagerstown, Winchester, and surrounding areas.

Klein’s remarkable reputation of increasing recruitment and working with continuing education programs has awarded him the new director position at Shepherd University Martinsburg Center. Klein has previous experience with Kaplan University, where he led the expansion of many new campus locations while training admissions advisers, budgeting, and reaching monthly goals.

Some of Klein’s responsibilities will be directing daily operations, scheduling, and enrollment.

Klein said, “The vision is to provide a non-traditional learning environment with modern technology to allow Shepherd culture to grow and expand.”

Klein, who is new to the area, noted that the Shepherd community seemed to be very welcoming and eager about the development of the new campus. He said that “the new location is not far down the street.”

The new center will be designed with faculty and student lounges, study rooms, offices, information-technology systems and support space. Unfortunately, there will not be a cafeteria on site; however, plenty of parking is adjacent to restaurants.

Klein said, “This new campus will be a huge impact on Shepherd University’s five to ten year plan. Shepherd wants to grow, and hopefully I can be a part of that.”

The center will aid in assisting adult students who are managing a career and family. Creating a flexible class schedule is one objective this campus will strive to provide. Klein will be working directly with students and faculty for academic programs and services offered.

Students will be able to learn one-on-one in a classroom setting and online. Some of the course offerings include undergraduate education on Regents Bachelor of Arts degree. The Master’s program, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and special education courses are all in the approval process now.

Klein will also work attentively with the local community to recognize the classes in demand around the area for businesses for future courses offered. He will work with industry representatives to identify academic programs to train potential employees.

Klein said, “This is a great opportunity for big players in the Berkeley County area to gain a more experienced workforce.”

Shepherd University is excited about the expansion and pleased to provide more opportunities for higher education.

The new site is scheduled to be open by August 2013.

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