The Rams, pictured here against Mercyhurst, really struggled on the defensive end and were not able to generate enough offense to keep pace with the Marauders.

Marauders Run All Over Rams’ Lacrosse

With an 18-4 home victory Tuesday afternoon, the Marauders (3-0) of Millersville dominated the Rams (0-3) in tremendous fashion.

Senior attacker Brooke Hunley scored the first goal of the game for the Rams off of a nice feed from freshman attacker Lillian Funke.

The Rams’ 1-0 would quickly dissipate, as the Marauders scored three unanswered goals, with two of them coming from attacker Sabrina Fusco. She would add on two more to her total to give her four for the game, as she presented numerous challenges to the Rams.

She was just one of many challenges the Rams would encounter. The Marauders would take an 11-3 lead going into halftime with a vast array of scorers. In the first half, an astonishing eight Marauders found the back of the net as they got through the Rams’ defense at will.

Junior goalkeeper Casey Hickman of the Rams, who posted eight saves, was constantly bombarded with shots coming from the Marauders attackers.

Her defense did practically nothing the whole game to keep them from getting inside and generating good shot opportunities. Hickman and the Rams faced 34 shots from the Marauders during the game, as they got over half of their shots converted into goals.

During the blow out, the Rams did manage to get three goals despite falling behind an insurmountable deficit. Freshman midfielder Elishia Davis recorded an unassisted goal in the first half of action.

Junior midfielder Sarah Wendt found a hole in the Marauder’s defense and brought home a goal off of an assist by senior midfielder Haley Price, also in the first half.

The second half did not get much easier for the Rams, as they were outscored 7-1.

Their lone goal came at the hands of Hunley, who notched her second goal of the game early in the second half.

As they had shown most of the game though, the Marauders arsenal of scorers were too much for the Rams to tangle with. They countered Hunley’s goal with five more of their own to close out the game.

Attacker Callie Kavanaugh, midfielder Noelle Smith, and midfielder Nathalie Sell scored three of these goals to dampen the hearts of the Rams. Attacker Taylor Davis sent home the other two goals in the run.

Goalkeeper Shannon Davis had five saves for the Marauders. Her day was mostly uneventful, as the Marauders offense controlled the pace of the game while the defense allowed just 12 shots during the game, nine of which were on goal.

The Rams were just 14-of-20 on clears, the Marauders were a highly-efficient 16-of-17.

In ground balls, the Marauders edged out the Rams 17-16 and dominated in draw controls, winning 20-4.

The statistics clearly show the Marauders won all facets of this game, with the Rams having no answers.

On Friday, the Rams will be looking for their first win of the season when they host the University of Indianapolis at 4 p.m.

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