Local Celebrities Engaged

Romance is in the air on campus, and that’s more than a feeling for two long awaited partners on one of WSHC’s weekly radio shows.

Oinky, co-host of the show Moon Monkey Madness announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Zhutt on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. However, unlike ordinary co-hosts, Oinky and Zhutt are puppets.

“I rescued both Oinky and Zhutt from the trash,” said Bobby Lohr, host of the show.

Bohr said the dolls have been helping to co-host the show for about three years now, but he has had the puppets for at least ten.

The wedding for Oinky and Zhutt will be a charity event set to take place in the fall tenatively in the month of October. According to Lohr, the finite details are still being squared away. Tara Sanders Lowe will be coordinating the wedding, which will take place at the Folley just outside of Shepherdstown.

Lohr described the event as tongue in cheek for a good cause.

As far as the Moon Monkey Madness show, Lohr said Oinky and Zhutt have been welcomed additions.

“The show has been unique to WSHC,” said Lohr.

Local listeners can tune into WSHC at 89.7 on Tuesdays between 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. or online at 897wshc.org. To contact the station, listeners can call 1-304-876-5369.

For more information on the upcoming nuptial charity event that will be held in the fall sponsored by Zhutt and Oinky stay tuned.

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