Kevin Cook, a senior football player at Shepherd University, manages to keep nearly a 4.0 GPA while juggling being a student athlete.

Kevin Cook: male student athlete of the month

(THE PICKET)—Kevin Cook is a senior wide receiver on the football team with an additional year of eligibility. He is a business administration major with a concentration in finance. While juggling football and classes, Cook carries a 3.94 GPA.

Cook has been playing football since he was in second grade.

“I started with flag football in second and third grade, then fourth grade on I played full contact and just fell in love with it,” Cook said. He used to play quarterback and running back, but switched to wide receiver in high school.

“I try to be efficient with my time. In between classes, meetings and practices I try to get a lot of work done so I don’t have to wait until the last minute. I try to get work done on the road as well,” Cook said about having such a high GPA.

Cook has consistently been a good student, but he said that “freshman year was definitely a challenge going from high school to college. I struggled academically the first half of my freshman year; but after that I figured out how to manage my time and how to get my work done.”

When asked which played a bigger role in making friends, classes or football, Cook didn’t hesitate to say football.

“Going to camp freshman year, I really got to meet the guys, and you see them around campus and classes so have a solid group of friends that you know beforehand. Having football definitely helped me transition in college,” Cook said.

Cook says that the biggest life lessons he has learned from playing football is working hard and time management.

“If you put the effort and hard work in the results will show. Having good time management lets you get your stuff done fast and efficiently,” Cook said.

“I couldn’t see myself not playing football. It’s definitely a big part of being in college. I have really enjoyed the experience of being a student athlete,” said Cook.

After college, Cook plans to use his degree to become a financial planner. He’ll get the necessary job experience and then pass the CFP (certified financial planner) exam.

“I’ve always been interested in money and finance. I want a job where I can work and build relationships with clients and help them reach their goals,” he said.

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