John Isner Wins SGA Vice President

If you’ve ever been in White Hall, you’ve most likely seen rising senior John Isner. Not only are all of his classes in White Hall but also he is a work study student there. A month ago he may have been just a peer to fellow Shepherd students, but now he is a representative of the student body. Elected as Shepherd’s new Student Government Association vice president, John Isner is ready to make some changes.

Isner is new to the SGA. He never stepped foot into a single SGA meeting before joining but knew he wanted to represent Shepherd’s students. His lack of SGA experience should not discourage any students. Isner is currently double majoring in political science and sociology at Shepherd and is a people person.

Isner began at Shepherd in his sophomore year after transferring from West Virginia University. He resisted joining SGA earlier in his Shepherd career so he could learn about the dynamics of the area, the school and his peers. Now, as a rising senior, he feels comfortable enough to be one of the voices of the students.

Isner plans to make some necessary changes to Shepherd and to the SGA. He wants to stress the idea that the student body should feel comfortable enough to reach out to the SGA regarding any issue. Each member of the executive board will have office hours available for inquiries, help or general comments concerning the student body.

Voting for the SGA positions is also a problem among the student body. Isner plans to begin the process of changing the voting system because of the significant lack of voting in the last election. Plans for an online voting source are in the works and could increase student body participation within the SGA.

Isner stresses the importance of the student body sharing their voices as far as the budgeting and other monetary issues Shepherd may face. Not only is the executive board available during office hours but also organizations at the SGA meetings should feel comfortable enough to raise questions or concerns. Organizations interested in bringing light to a particular issue only need to clear the presentation or topic with the SGA beforehand so they can allow appropriate time during the weekly meeting to address the issue.

Isner wants you to know he is here to represent you if you feel that you are just another face in the crowd or are not a member of a campus organization. He has noticed that all too often those who are unrepresented do not get to share their voice.

Isner said, “If people feel unrepresented, I’ll represent them. That’s my job.”

Isner is ready to work. Just because the semester is coming to an end does not mean he is not willing to listen. Isner said he would rather get a quick start on things than wait until next fall.

Other new SGA executive board members include President Alana Gondeck, Secretary Meghana Vodela, Treasurer Logan Sigley, Parliamentarian Logan Bridge and Campus Relations Officer Sherie Washington.

Both Gondeck and Isner were elected as president and vice president by the student body. The duo put together the 2013-2014 SGA Executive Board after reviewing applications, interviews and deliberation. They chose a broad and fresh executive board because they plan to bring a louder voice of the student body into the SGA.

When he is not in White Hall, Isner may possibly be found in his SGA office getting ready to take on his role as the SGA vice president for the 2013-2014 academic year. The SGA office is on the bottom floor of the Student Center below the semi-spiral staircase. Students will find a big blue sign that says “SGA” with an arrow pointing to the offices.

The SGA meets weekly in the Student Center. All students are welcome to attend, and each organization has a representative in attendance. If you are not a member of a specific organization, Isner stresses that you still have a voice.

The day and time of the SGA meetings for next fall are not yet finalized.

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